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  About us  
  Acts Ministries is a small Christian charity formed in Northern Ireland in February 2006 to show the love of God by helping underprivileged and disadvantaged people in developing countries in a practical way. We are currently supporting the Little Hearts Organisation and Harvest Apostolic Ministries in southeast India by providing financial support through fundraising and a child sponsorship program. 100% of donations that we receive will go directly to the work on the mission field unless you specifically state for it to be used for administration costs.  
  Why does Acts Ministries exist?  
  Acts Ministries exists to provide financial support, care and training for disadvantaged people who have no one to support them. There are many places in the world where the poor, disabled and socially outcast people have a very hard life and their society does very little to help.  
  What Projects do we support?  
  We are currently financially supporting the Little Hearts Organisation which has a number of ongoing projects in southeast India. These include the Little Hearts orphanage for mentally and physically disabled children, the Little Buds school for local village children and two adult training centres for over 18 year old mentally and physically disabled boys and girls respectively and a family support scheme for families who are struggling due to various circumstances.

We are also supporting Harvest Apostolic Ministries who are also based in India planting churches and sending missionaries into villages that have never heard the gospel. They are committed to 'Reaching the lost and developing the found'.

  How much money goes to the work overseas?  
  100% of the money raised for overseas work goes to the designated project.  
  How is Acts Ministries financed?  
  Acts Ministries is financed totally by donations specifically designated for administration costs. We are managed totally on a voluntary basis and no one receives any payment for their help in running the charity. The charity was formed by faith that God is our provider and sustainer in this work and we are totally relying on his grace to provide the finances for it to continue.